Chef Sanjana Patel

Meet Sanjana Patel, Creative director and Executive Chef at La Folie, managing their luxury segment. She is currently leading the creative direction for the brands La Folie Du Chocolat and La Folie Lab and provides freelance consultancy to start up restaurants, culinary studios and FMCG companies. Her journey is an aptly sweet one and it started at an early age. She graduated in Food Management from London and in Chocolate Technology from Germany before she moved on to explore her creative side and passion to France at Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi –Paris, one of the most respected pastry and chocolate art schools in the



Post her formal education, she started her career with an apprenticeship at Pierre Hermé and with future stints with chocolateries and patisseries such as Jean-Charles Rochoux, Patrick Roger and Olivier Bajard, she was bestowed an opening at Le Meurice Hotel under Chef Camile Lesecq and then at Plaza Athénée of the The Dorchester Group Collection, under Chef Christophe Michalak.

Chef Sanjana’s strengths as a tastemaker and craftswoman are evident in every one of her creations at La Folie. Her passion and infectious energy keeps her growing fan base on their toes. Her unique avant – garde destructive yet couture style in creating French delicacies she has earned titles like ‘The Scientist’, ‘Game Changer’ and ‘The


Awards & Participations

SIGEP: 1 st rank India Pastry Queen 2015

SIGEP: 4 TH rank World Pastry Queen 2016

Black Book: TOP 50 Women in Luxury in India 2018

Midday: Culinary Entrepreneur of the year 2018