The Bounty!

Inspired by the most loved coconut and chocolate bar, "The Bounty" gets me nostalgic each and every time - with textures of the popular bounty chocolate, packed with coconut cream, semi sweet chocolate mousse and coconut dacquoise. This has got to be one of my favourite creations.

Find the steps and instructions below -

Coconut Dacquoise

200g Egg Whites

120g Brown Sugar

100g Coconut desiccated light toasted

250g Almond Flour

52g Icing Sugar

52g Flour T55


Mix icing sugar, almond powder & coconut together. Whip egg whites, brown sugar to make a meringue. Fols dry ingredients into meringue with scraper. Divide in tray and bake at 170 degree celsius for 17-18 mins.

Bounty Coconut Praline

110g Almond Butter

125g Milk Chocolate

150g Gianduja

30g Desiccated Coconut

40g Chopped Almond

45g Rice Crispy

70g Feuilletine


Melt milk chocolate, mix in praline, feuilletine and roasted coconut. Sheet and make sure its 4mm thick.

Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse

100g Coconut Milk

100g Cream

50g Egg Yolks

2g Vanilla Bean

3g Gelatin

180g 42% Milk Chocolate

180g Whipped Cream


Boil the cream, add yolks, whisk in thoroughly until 82 degree celsius. Add to chocolate in 3 parts - Add malibu syrup, gelatine and blend. Whisk cream to soft peaks. Once mixture reaches 38 - 40 degree celsius fold in whipped cream.


Pour mousse into silkomartstone moulds. Put the de moulded insert, add some mousse again on top. Place the praline on top and press slightly, spread mousse over. Dip in Malibu syrup and stick back the cake base. Temper chocolate for decor. Glaze the entremet, and add coconut shavings for finishing touches.

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